Dear Seedlings

First off, I would like to say that I hope everyone is doing OK during this quarantine. It’s hard on everyone especially people who have lost loved ones during these times.

I’m about a month away from planting now and I’m getting more and more excited. 🙂 I’m thinking the last week of April I am going to do some indoor planting and get a jump on my peppers and tomatoes. I’m just finishing up and finalizing my plans now. 🙂

Is it just me? or are there other people who wish they had acres and acres of land that they could just wake up and garden every day for the rest of their lives?

Something that I find funny is that gardening is such a huge passion of mine, yet I’m not a big fan of eating vegetables. Weirdest thing. I just love gardening and watching things grow. lol. I wonder if there are alot of people like that, hmmm…

Once again all of this garden talk is getting me excited lol as it’s four in the morning and the household is sleeping, I think it’s best I sign off for now. 🙂

Stay tuned for more my seedlings, we’re just getting started.

Till next time,

☘️Mr Green thumb🍀

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