Dear Seedlings,

Summer is finally here, or so they call it.

Of course the day that I did my planting it decided to rain for seven days after that LOL .

I’m not sure about everyone else but apparently when it comes to planting I always plant too deep LOL, and then I panic and I think they’re not coming up and then just before I do a replant Bam there they are ! 😂.

Many people have suggested I don’t plant so deep but apparently my brain doesn’t register. LOL

So it’s been about just shy of two weeks since I planted , having some great progress. The cucumbers are coming up the peas or poking through, the beans are breaking ground. Peppers and tomatoes are doing great , just having an issue with a little bit too much rain currently hoping we get some sunny days to counter that balance .

My reaper peppers and my scorpion peppers along with my ghost and jalapeño are all doing spectacular😁. I stand by putting Epson salts in the garden once or twice a year maybe it’s just me but I find it works .

As I wrap it up here today I hope everybody is doing well , remember it’s never too late to start gardening 🙂

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,

Were just getting started.

  Till next time,

                                         ☘️Mr Green thumb🍀

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