Dear Seedlings,

Fall is here! 🙁 I spent this past weekend cleaning out the garden. Does any one else have a hard time at this time of year? lol. At least the people who are in a colder climate? I just cannot pull the plants out of the ground without crying a little inside, especially when it comes to my hot PEPPERS those are my babies😍. I wish it was possible to be like a bear and go in hibernation for the winter wake up in the Spring and just start planting. Haha.

This was a big year for me, I learned many garden related things. I think I am going to take full advantage of our cold winters and do a lot of research this upcoming winter.

I wasn’t planning on taking any plants in this year, but I had a few hot pepper plants, a Carolina reaper and a scorpion that is, that just didn’t produce to well because they were overshadowed by other garden related monsters. LOL, so I’m going to chance it and bring one of each in for the winter and see if I can keep them aphid free and healthy till next spring. Wish me luck! 🙂

I believe starting in November until March, I am going to go down to one blog a month but increase in size. I will be able to update on future projects, 2021’s garden plans and obviously my two babies that will be inside with me keeping me company. 😂😂 I’m going to have to think of names! Hmm?

Ps. I had forgot to mention I got lucky and ended up getting out to the store and grabbing a few sealer’s and I was able to create a Baba garden’s first dill pickles! mmmm yummy yummy! 😎🧑‍🌾

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,

Were just getting started.

 Till next time,

☘️Mr Green thumb🍀

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