Dear Seedlings,

During theses times, depression can sneak upon you very quickly, when you least expect it. Other than making sure you have somebody to talk to, which, many people don’t. Always try to have activities to keep yourself busy; reading, gardening, etc... The small things count. Especially during the winter times, and our Covid crisis. If any one ever needs to talk about anything, Baba’s Garden is always here. You can reach me at:

🧑‍🌾On to some garden chat...👩‍🌾


The  learning  curve with plants indoor has been interesting. So many new things to learn, from dealing with aphids, to proper indoor light schedules, not overwatering, dealing with pollination, and more. It’s most definitely going to make this winter that much more enjoyable. I feel like I need more people that love gardening and appreciate it as much as myself in my inner circle. haha. If only I could be that lucky 🙂.

So, now that I’m going to be having plants year-round, I need to start keeping a Garden journal. So many things to remember, and I’m not as young as I used to be. LOL. I’ve been trying a few homemade remedies for battling bugs, but no extreme success so far. Something that has worked out for me has been every day I grab a piece of toilet paper and lightly wipe down all of the leaves. It is very monotonous and time-consuming, but it’s for my plants, so I shouldn’t complain:)

Now on to some of the individual plant updates🤩.

- Sunshine

- Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid seems to be doing inside as well growing a little bit and staying moderately healthy just have to learn of a good a fit fighting system for my five children LOL

- Scorpion King

He seems to be having a hard time inside the aphids have been giving him problems he is still healthy but he’s my number one concern as of lately

- Phantom Menace

Is doing strong no fruit but definitely enjoying the inside LOL

- Scorpio

My big plan to I had to give a haircut to is actually doing very well he bounced back quickly seems to be very healthy which is great still getting used to modifying the temperature to suit the plants 🙂

Now that we have reached the 🥶colder months,  I’m going to go down to my one blog a month. Make sure you check back in around the first or second of every month! 😃😃 And once we hit April or May will shift back to every two weeks. 🙂

On that note, I would like to wish everybody a safe warm and happy November and to my readers that don’t have the cold months, I am very envious of you!! LOL :p

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,

Were just getting started.

Till next time,                                              

☘️Mr Green thumb🍀

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