Dear Seedlings,

I don’t know where to start, there is so much to talk about.

So, it is three days before i plant my garden. I should’ve planted on the 24th but, where I’m at in Manitoba there was still frost and I would rather play safe than sorry. Many people I know lost some plants, so I would rather be a week behind then having to start all over. LOL, I don’t think I am the only one who thinks like that, you never know. :p

So, I was so preoccupied with getting all of my peppers going this year that I had almost forgotten about starting my tomatoes. When I had gotten them going I was about two weeks behind, so I thought to myself; I better plant some extra seeds just in case some of them don’t take. Low and behold didn’t all of them grow and now I have roughly 60 tomato seedlings that I need to find room for. 😂😂 I might have to give a few.

I had four different kinds of peppers that I was trying this year which were new and two of them had came up. Better than nothing, I guess. I’m very excited to see how they grow. As each plant is different in itself, you never know how big or bushy they’re going to get, I’m so excited. I feel like I better give them enough space because my luck, if I cram them in in a smaller area with not much that we all know what’s going to happen is; they’re going to be 4 feet tall and 3feet wide.😂

I was able to go over some of my plants from last year that I had covered throughout the winter to see if anything made it through. I did have some Sorel but I don’t think it made it. I have some chives, and they came back healthier than ever. I had tried something new last year it was called winter savoury, and I was hoping that that would have came back this year, but I think we had a very rough winter and it just didn’t make it.

As well, I did have some oregano, I’m not sure if it’s going to make it or not, it looks dead to me, but I think with a little bit of sunshine and some rain it might be able to bounce back. It still has a few green leaves and it still has it smell, so it must still be alive in there somewhere only time will tell.

I’ve been very fortunate this year taking on a lot more plants requires a lot more work and my niece has been very helpful. Every time I’ve had to transplant them to bigger pots she is right there with me plugging away, it almost reminds me of me at a young age helping Baba, lol.

I myself am still blown away this is the first year that I have had a greenhouse, per say, that I could plant indoors and get an early start and it has been phenomenal! I wake up every morning and I talk to my plants, it’s funny because I am able to watch them grow, the littlest of changes you notice. It is extremely quite entertaining. Watching them pull themselves out of the ground towards the light the way they angle, the way they turn, it is beautiful.😍

In regards to setting up a store, we had planned on doing it on the website but just with a few complications in the way it seems to be a little bit easier to set it up through the Babasgarden on Facebook. We do have our stickers and our magnets up for sale now if you haven’t checked it out yet make sure you drop by and give us a follow and like, it goes a long way❤️.

OK, the garden has been planted!! 😎😎😎 With hundreds of hours of indecisiveness, LOL, second-guessing myself, wondering what to do and what to plant, I have sectioned the garden off into three sections. They’re going to be: cucumbers, beans, and pumpkins. I had tried pumpkins the previous year, and they don’t work well in a pot as they need a lot of depth. I’m very excited to see what they can do in the garden. 😁😁😁 I will be planting my peppers, potatoes and tomatoes separately as it never works out well for me when I have them in the garden.

I think i’m going to give my peppers and tomatoes one more week before I transplant them and put them outside. I need to mother  them just a little bit more. 🙂

Well now that gardening season is in full affect, don’t be shocked if you get another blog in about two weeks as I have a lot more to say. :p I would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy summer and I hope your gardens flourish to its fullest extent. 😁

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,

Were just getting started.

Till next time,                                              

☘️Mr Green thumb☘️

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