Happy August!

Deer seedlings,

How was every ones July? Any good news? Any great garden stories or pictures? I'd love to hear and see pics. Mine has been interesting to say the least a few ups a few downs, but we keep gardening 😁.

So, I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but when I got rid of all my starter plants, I guess 2 or 3 slipped through. So ya, long story short, that’s my new project. I wanna grow these tomatoes inside until next year. I have the great dimensions to keep them short and stocky :). These guys aren’t to big yet any way, maybe 5-6 inches. My plans for my indoor winter gardening will be hoping that I can have two tomato plants going along with two pepper plants. I would love to see if I can keep them alive throughout the winter and possibly get some fruit off of them.

So in relation to my four tomato plants that I have outside, my two valley green tomatoes, my zebra and pink heart tomato, they are doing a lot better now. They had a rough July. The sun was very hard on them, but I was able to balance it out and bring them back strong and healthy. They're roughly each a foot and a half tall, just waiting for all those flowers to bloom and do their work.

My four hot pepper plants that I have, just like everyone else had a very rough July, but they seem to be putting on one extreme fight. I think over the past week they’ve all grown 3 to 4 inches. The weather seems to be balancing a little bit better now where its kind of staying in the high 20s rather than mid 30s.

So, I made a very clumsy mistake. LOL. At the beginning of the year when I was transplanting, I had placed my Arbol and guajillo peppers together, but I only tagged them with regular tape. Long story short, I never put a proper tag in there and I don’t know who is who now. 😂 But I must say, DANG! 1 is super big! Like two and half feet waiting for flowers to turn. We might be playing the game, WHAT PEPPER IS THIS 😂?

My pumpkins, yellow beans, and cucumbers are having the worst year of gardening I’ve ever experienced. They can’t get enough water and they look like they’ve been over saturated, the humidity is melting them alive:(. I’ve never experienced something like this before. It’s very disheartening. Some of the ones that are suffering, sometimes they bounce back a little bit if you have one day that’s a little bit cool but it’s never enough time to get healthy and start blooming. But the only blooms I've had so far are male Pumpkin flowers.
With every garden experience, good or bad, you learn something new and plan for next year. Finally my potatoes have made it this far. lol. They're starting to bloom, so I figure about 2 weeks will have garden fresh potatoes😍🥔, which is good because why every body …? The sun is slowly hurting my potatoes too! Yup ..☀️☀️grrrr. lol.

On the Herbs front 🌿🌱 the dill, summer savory, chives are succeeding better than I would’ve expected. I’m going to have a great harvest this year when I start drying some out to create powder. I had also planted a small sorrel plant passed over from a friend hoping it takes by winter so I have some fresh for next year Summa borscht soup 🥣!! Mmmmm, nothing like garden fresh.

Something interesting this year, rather than just having a small pot of dill, we had a big pot and I noticed we started to have caterpillars in there. After doing some research we realize they were black swallowtails, native to the dill plants. So interesting watching those little guys move around. So we created a little safe-haven for them and we covered the pot with a mesh netting. Originally there was only one in there before we had the netting and he must have left the compound before we were able to lock it down. LOL. I guess as we were setting up the netting, I noticed two new little guys so hopefully I’ll be able to watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly this year! I think that would be pretty spectacular:)🦋.

If anyone remembers in one of my blogs from last year, I had basil in the house, roughly around September and I was able to keep it alive downstairs, under the lights, and it grew very well to where I had to prune it:D lol. So, I’m thinking, I need to start making early plans for my winter greenhouse. I know I’m going to be having two or three tomatoes but, I need to decide on what kind of pepper plants I would like to bring in.
I think I’m going to create a poll where people can help me decide what kind of peppers I should grow in the winter.

Things that I learned this month, don’t cheap out when you’re labeling your plants. A pen and tape just don’t cut it. Use proper vegetable labels or a permanent marker. Or order a set of vegetable labels from my shop! As well if you notice some of your pepper plants or tomatoes looking a little bit sad or drooping, just because they’re not showing specific characteristics of being under-watered on top of your regular watering, something I’ve been doing is every second or third day just give each plant a little bit extra. You will notice a great difference. I know I have.💕.

With that being said, ladies and gentlemen, I do hope everybody has a happy and healthy August and I look forward to seeing all of your comments about how well your gardens are doing I don’t be shy I would love to see some pictures:)

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Stay tuned for more my seedlings,
Were just getting started.
Till next time,

☘️Mr Green thumbs ☘️