Hello February

Dear seedlings,

Well I hope everybody is having a decent start to 2022, not that much has changed since the past year unfortunately, but we try to make the best of what we can and move forward :-).

This may not be one of the longest blogs I’ve written. It’s been a very hectic kind of month for me, from my greenhouse having issues, to the weather not cooperating and giving me a lot of back issues. But I will say, we will get back on schedule next month with more thorough oriented garden chat. lol.

Slowly getting excited over here. I’ve started organizing all my garden boxes and accessories going through my seeds starting to get my planting book out so that I can organize all of my crazy garden thoughts. lol

Living in the cold climate in Canada you have to plan ahead if you’re going to start planting indoors. Starting around the month of February, so what I usually do is I grabbed extra dirt last year and I brought two bags into the house so that I’m ready to go when the time is needed.

So as I’m getting ready to create my garden plans I have to remember from last year I went a little crazy with my tomatoes and I ended up having 40 to 50 extra little plants that I had to give away, make sure you know your seeds. lol 😂 don’t get me wrong, I had fun sharing with people but it’s very tedious when you have to transfer 50 little seedlings into plastic water bottles.

As I’m sure I had mentioned in a previous blog I love to trade seeds with people a friend of the family knows somebody who had passed over those hot pepper seeds the wir wir and I had forgotten to pass over my package so I got some of my new seeds from last year ancho ,guajillo and - .
If there is anybody else who is reading this blog who would ever like to play the game of trades? lol.

In regards to my garden plans for the year, I tried something new last year by planting my tomatoes in separate pots but I found that the results were just not even close to having them in the garden so we won’t make that mistake again lol. I think I will try some of my regular tomatoes and then I do have some specialty seeds that were passed over to me last year from a friend of the family I had grown to specialty tomatoes last year but the production just wasn’t there. I may not eat them but everyone else in my family does so there will not be a year that I do not grow yellow beans. In regards to all of my peppers I think I will continue to keep them in a pod as they held their own for the previous years except when we go through heat wave . Now I just have to figure out a couple of more things that I’m interested in I tried carrots one year but I didn’t enjoy them, I enjoy eating peas but I have issues with them catching on the lattice . At least I have a good month and I have to get my butt in gear and figure out the last two missing pieces to my puzzle.

Baba used to grow brussels sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower radishes zucchini I may not like any of those but I’m thinking about trying some of them out. lol 😂🤷‍♂️

Also to the people who are not following us on Facebook I believe I had mentioned that I had recently adopted two new houseplants, well I had went to go check their soil and it was very low so I topped them up and gosh darn it they look so happy and healthy, I’m not gonna lie, I’m beginning to love house plants. I see the great appeal about them but they’re not as needy as my garden but I’m not complaining. lol

Well with that being said apparently our resident groundhog has seen its shadow so we still have another six weeks of this horrid winter, so it’s time for me to bunker in and start getting ready for spring. lol. Got to do something to keep busy when you’re stuck indoors.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy February don’t overdo it stay warm and we look forward to seeing you in the beginning of March we’re getting so close.

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,
Were just getting started.
Till next time,
☘️Mr Green thumbs☘️

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