Happy Easter!

Dear seedlings,

Well, I hope everybody is having a good start to the month of April! It’s been interesting over here. We almost had all the snow melt, and then we got another big storm. Now the snow is back, but let’s see for how long. lol. Not that it matters because we have our greenhouse and we’re growing!! 😂

With that being said, let’s dive right back into the action. I must say, I think now that things are planted and things are growing, we’re going to have a lot more to catch up on. So I’m pretty sure these two week blogs are going to work for the summer 😃.

I am not sure if this is weird, but one thing I have learned about gardening is sometimes you will find some very special seeds. Not for any specific vegetable, just out of the blue, and you’re going to realize that there’s nothing that can stop them from growing. Year to year you will have great harvest with them. Whether it’s peppers or beans cucumbers tomatoes, mine seems to be valley green tomatoes. I swear if I plant 19 seeds I will have 20 sprouts😂🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱.
And yes if you’re wondering I am going somewhere with this ha ha ha ha. Last year I planted too many tomatoes so as I went through my seeds I had about a quarter of the bag left of this valley green so before opening anyone else I wanted to finish them up 🥱🥱.. Welp yeah let’s just say I have a lot more sprouts than I need.

Apparently I don’t learn😂.
But at least unlike last year where I had I believe 65 tomatoes starter plants, I should only have about maybe 20 this year. I guess you could say I’m learning, slowly. Here’s some pictures of my babies. 🍅🍅

So, with my count Dracula pepper I wanted to make sure I gave it a good start, so I did the traditional seed in a bag with a wet paper towel. Gosh darn it, after a few days I thought it was possibly getting soaked in with the paper towel but as I took a closer look I realize that’s not the case at all. At closer inspection it was off and growing and then I notice it’s actually a purple Vine sprout, whatever you wanna call it. lol. I’ve never seen that before -or I might have and it’s been a while but 🤷‍♂️- I thought I would make share. I only had sown two seeds this year, I wanted to save a couple just in case since they both seem to be healthy and strong. I’m very excited to go on this journey with Count Dracula this year. 😈🧛‍♂️🌱

Well seedlings, it is officially the weekend. I would like to wish everyone a 🥕Happy Easter 🐰 I’m looking forward to the traditional Ukrainian Easter breakfast Paska, ham, boiled eggs, and cottage cheese. I can’t wait! lol 😂. Have a great rest of April! May your seeds grow with might and we’ll see you in May!🌞

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,
Were just getting started.
Till next time,
☘️Mr Green thumbs☘️.


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