April showers bring may flowers, I hope 🙂

Dear seedlings,

Well, well, well… Just as I thought things were on the up and up, lol, The weather had other plans😡😡. Since we’ve last chatted, there’s been two snow storms and three days of consistent rain, and yes I know you’re thinking to yourself how in tarnation is that possible 😂.

The green houses on social media are showing off their plants on the inside, how well they’re doing, all of the groups that I am at a part of are showing their lovely weather throughout. And here we sit, stuck inside staring out the windows, lost. Lol.

Many small towns in the southern part of the province suffered severely last year with the extreme heat and drought. Those poor people and farmers out there just cannot catch a break. The flooding this year is getting so bad they had to declare a state of emergency in my old town.

Onto the plants!!! We’ll start with the tomatoes. Once again, just like previous years, they are growing happy and healthy. I have roughly 2 to 3 dozen seedlings growing fiercely. It’s almost time for me to start putting the fan on them so they can get a bit stronger, but we are looking great on that front 😀 🍅.

I wanted to keep this a secret, I did some purchasing on Amazon. I bought a few hot pepper seeds. I won’t disclose what yet but I’ve already had an issue and had to cancel one of them. Very disappointing, but sometimes if the price looks too good there’s a reason why it’s so cheap😂. But we still have two types of hot pepper seeds coming in that I haven’t grown yet so I’m excited to try it. Drop in the comments what hot peppers you enjoy growing the most!

Now, in regards to the peppers that I have plenty of. Still very upset that I didn’t properly check my seeds. I don’t have any of my reaper or ghost peppers, but at least I still like to support local greenhouses so I will grab a few from them just like last year.

My two count Dracula peppers that I had planted roughly 2 1/2 weeks ago seem to be doing well. They are slow moving but gosh darn it they look beautiful😍! They are beautiful dark purple and I can’t wait to see these babies in action🌶!

I had only planted one wiri wiri pepper this year and I’ve been very fortunate because it’s coming out very strong. I’ve always been told it’s easy to grow things, lol, but I've been told you’re suppose to have a minimum of three leaves on your seedlings before you get excited. As I checked earlier today I noticed number three and four coming up on my wiri wiri, so I think we’re gonna have a great summer! So many different varieties coming up 🌶!
On a random note, after a few years of being on a waiting to list, I’ve finally been accepted for a very important medical procedure at the end of the month. I’m very excited and nervous so keep me in your thoughts. With that being said, I wish everybody a happy, healthy, and productive start to May and will see you back here in roughly 2 weeks!

Ps. Remember everyone, this would’ve been a great time for me or any other gardeners in the area to have rain barrels, lol, just to save on some water costs going into the summer. Always keep your eye out because they come in handy.

Stay tuned for more my seedlings,
Were just getting started.
Till next time,
☘️Mr Green thumbs ☘️

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